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Beyond food

We privilege local, organic and wholesome foods. What we serve is always an end result of the hard work of our team. By blending different cooking styles and using the freshest products we consistently produce meals to remember. The simple yet sophisticated flavors of rustic food taken one step further are beyond what you see in most places. Do try it next time around.

The food

We aim to provide honest well prepared food with great flavour based on the fantastic local products the area has to offer. We cook with a International style, blending simple and fresh.



To enjoy good food nothing like enjoying a good atmosphere. We believe every detail counts, from the chairs, to the wine bar, from the lighting to the music in the room, everything is set for you to have a pleasant time.

  • the food - vegetables
  • the food - fish
  • the food - fruit

local ingredients

We always look for fresh and local products and we privilege the seasons pick and what is best for the day.