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Yoga is a great compliment to surfing.  Adding some classes to your surf schedule helps you recover faster and avoid soreness, while practicing mental flow and focus.  Yoga improves strength, flexibility and balance- skills you need to succeed in the water.

Our yoga instructor, magic Elisabeth Ippel, teaches ‘Healing Yoga’, with a touch of Reiki in her amazing hands-on adjustments.

This season our regular Yoga sessions are available Sunday – Thursday at 7.00 pm in our Activity Room or on the Rooftop Terrace.  Please book 24hrs. in advance to reserve your spot.
(April – October)  Hour-long sessions – 15€
Private sessions at your choice of time can be scheduled upon request.
Hour-long sessions – 45€


A massage is the perfect way to relax and restore sore muscles after surf.  We have a dedicated private Massage Room designed to be your zen oasis.  Our massage therapists are available by appointment for hour-long treatments.  Choose a male or female therapist as you wish.

Hour-long sessions – 70€


Relax, detox & let go. 

During the Reiki treatment your body will be detoxed and your energy brought into balance. All of this happens through the healing energies of the hands. Reiki is a very comforting, relaxing and non-intrusive healing treatment. For sore shoulders after surfing, for stressed out minds and overloaded hearts. Come wearing comfy clothes for your 45 minute treatment.

45 min. sessions – 80€