Live music by Sarah Calvert at the Lodge

The 17th to the 24th of September Sarah Calvert will perform at the lodge!

Calvert’s music is ambient and experimental pop jazz with a cool Nordic sound, in all the right ways. With great band and with inspiration from artists such as Lykke Li, James Blake and Hanne Kolstø they create a diverse and dynamic sound with the perfect mix of organic and electronic elements. With direct and honest lyrics songwriter Sarah Calvert depict a dedicated view of situations and emotions, which most people can relate to. Calvert is releasing their debut album 23 of October!

instagram: @calvertmusic



Quality Accommodation for the WCT in Peniche

Surfers Lodge Peniche is located in Baleal, a 5 minute drive from where the WCT contest is held. We have the highest standard of accommodation in the area, with a great restaurant focusing on fresh locally grown produce. On top of this we have an awesome roof top terrace with a pool and jacuzzi. Every day (when the weather allows) during the contest we will have Djs and live music for the sunsets. Come mingle with the pro surfers, who were regularly spotted here during last years contest, having dinner in the restaurant and cocktails on our terrace.

Choose one of our luxurious suites or comfortable double rooms. If your budget is smaller we also have some nice dormitories in the basement. We still have some rooms available, so do yourself a favour and book the most memorable holiday of your life.

For a complete listing of our packages and prices click Here

Surf Lesson : How to duck dive

Duck diving is one of the most important tricks for a surfer. Master it properly and you will save a lot of energy and time paddling out. If you do it badly you may spend the whole surf session battling the white water. It can be quite tricky before you get the hang of it but its well worth the effort to get it right.

Duck diving is something that you can practise on in flat water while waiting for waves. In this Surf Lesson pro surfer, Holly Beck teaches you the basics.

Good Luck!

Plastic and other garbage is becoming a huge problem around the world. Every big storm reminds us on how we treat our mother earth by delivering tons of trash onto our beloved beaches. Surfers are regular visiters to the beach and it is our responsibility to do what we can to help the earth. Take 3 is a non profit organisation founded in 2009 which aims to raise awareness to this problem. Every beach goer is encouraged to take three pieces of rubbish every time visit. Together we can make a change!

By doing this you will contribute to a cleaner environment for us all. One other way to help is to be conscious in what you buy. Do you really need an extra plastic bag for your groceries? How are the products you buy packaged? By smart shopping we can all help to reduce the amount of plastic being used.

So what can you do with the garbage you find on the beach? You could simply throw it in a rubbish bin, you can recycle it, or you can do what Skeleton Sea does. This Ericeira based company makes just about anything from stuff they found on the beach. Old flip flops become a mermaid. Boogie board fins are made into a huge shark or oil canisters into tables. Last easter Surfers Lodge Peniche teamed up with these up cycling geniuses and held an art exhibition on our terrace in order to raise awareness.

Having said this i want to see all of you out there cleaning our beaches and contributing to our collective well being!

Surfs up!

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