Snowboarding is fun and so is surfing so why not try to combine the two. These guys came up with the brilliant idea of making a “snurfboard”. Its a hybrid board that works both in the water and on snow. Watch Rob Machado try it out in Encinitas, California and Curtis Ciszek doing some powder boarding in baldface, BC.

The guys from the swedish clothing brand Nord also tried their surfboard in the snow with mixed success. Check it out here!


Top to bottom surf snowsurf from Nordsurf on Vimeo.

Shane Dorian at Jaws

Shane Dorian is one of the worlds top big wave surfers. He is also known for being a real wave magnet. No matter where in the world he surfs, waves just seem to come to him. He is always on the biggest and meanest waves of the day. In this clip he conquers a true beast of a wave at Jaws, Hawaii. Enjoy!

Basic foot movement

In order to learn how to turn you first have to know where to place your feet. Step to the back of the board to turn and move forward to gain speed. This clip shows you how to do it. Our teachers in our surf school will show you in the water.

How to survive a rip current

Rips are currents that can take you out to sea. They can be very hazardous if you don’t know how to deal with them. This video shows how to spot them and what to do if you are caught in one.