A day at Surfers Lodge Peniche!

Many people have been asking us what to expect when booking the week long beginner package. Here is how a normal day at the lodge looks like.

Breakfast 730-10am

You wake up quite early and head down to the living room where a large buffet with eggs, yogurt, muesli, fresh fruits and freshly baked bread is waiting for you. You stock up on well needed calories as well as a strong caffein boost in order to manage the day of surfing.

Pre surf preparation

 While you are having breakfast our surf instructors have been down at the beach checking the conditions. They check tides, wave direction, height and winds in order to find the perfect waves for you. Depending on the conditions we either do two short, or one long lesson. So when you are full and satisfied we have a briefing of the day and you are divided into groups of no more than six students per teacher. Our instructors analyse your previous surf skills and put you with people who has similar knowledge. We also make sure that you will get the correct board for your level of surfing.

Surf lesson

Now its time to have fun! The lesson starts with some warm up and assessment of the conditions. Your surf instructor tells you where to go and what places to avoid. For beginners classes our surf instructors ore with you in the water for your safety and comfort.


By the time the lesson is over lunch has begun at the lodge. All portions are generous in order to fill the appetite of a surfer. We recommend the burger.

Video analysis

Sone day of the week our instructors film a lesson. We then go through the footage on tv so that you can see what you do good and what you need to work on.

Afternoon chill

The best way to spend the afternoon is to rest up. Have a dip in the jacuzzi or hang out on our terrace. When the weather allows we have live bands and dis for the sunset. Have a cocktail here and enjoy the vibe.


End the day with a three course dinner made of ingredients from the area. Enjoy it with a glass of portuguese wine and the day is complete.

The quest for the last German wave

Surfing can be very addictive. It can make you obsessed to the degree that it becomes all you think about. You live to search for waves. Ira Mowen, the man behind surf Berlin, is a German surfer who has taken his surfing to the level of obsession. He goes to extremes to find the perfect wave in Germany, a country completely starved for waves, and documents the entire journey. Watch this trailer and join the quest.

Shorebreak art by Clark Little

To get the perfect shot people go to the extremes. Clark Little has made a habit of risking his life in the shore breaks on the north shore in Hawaii. He throws himself into crazy tubes that break right on sand in order to get the perfect shot. The results are amazing. A surreal view people normally don’t get the chance to see in person. Visit his site to buy his book or just watch some cool pictures.

Learn to surf with us!

Surfing is a very demanding sport. You spend hours in the water battling the waves before you manage to stand up. But you can make progress much faster and have more fun with good lessons. This is why we have made an effort to have the best surf school in the area. Our teachers will give you high level instruction for marked improvement in your surfing.

When you arrive at the lodge we make an individual analysis of  your current skills. We then divide you into groups of no more than 6 students per teacher. This will ensure that you get the personal attention you deserve in each lesson.

Every lesson starts with a warm up on the beach. After this the teacher goes through the goals for the lesson and the techniques you will practice. They will follow you out in the water to make sure you are in the right position for the waves and also to keep you safe. After each lesson we do a bit of stretching to improve our flexibility.

Lessons are filmed to document your progress. All clips are shown at the lodge in our theory class. This is an excellent way to see and discuss what skills you are doing well and what needs to be worked on.

After your week of surfing you will receive a written evaluation of your progress at our school and goals for improvement. This evaluation is saved in our database so that you can pick up right where you left the next time you visit us.

For more information visit our surf school on the website.

We hope to see you in the water soon!

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