Fantasy Surfer Winner Daniel Persson!

Every year the winner of our fantasy surfer club wins one weeks accommodation at the Lodge. With an amazing performance  Daniel Person from Sweden won the grand price this year! of about of 30.000+ people playing Fantasy Surfer he finished third in the whole world.

Daniel Persson

The 2015 world cup starts 28th of february. Join our club before the start to compete for a weeks stay with us. To enter the competition you have to create a team on Fantasy Surfer. When you have a team join our club house Here! Good luck!

Good Luck!

The size of Nazare and the power of Supertubos is portrayed very beautifully in this edit. We had the honor of hosting Husky Motion at the lodge  during the super swell that hit Portugal last week. Unfortunately they came a few hours too late to catch the biggest waves, but the footage they got is really amazing. Some say that the bigger the camera gear the better the quality and these e guys brought real beasts. Drones, huge lenses and an impressive cameras, together with the boys amazing eye for filming produced this master piece. During the short stay they managed to catch the size of Praia do Norte and the power of Supertubos all in one edit. In this video you see pro surfer Nic von Rupp in a throaty tube at supertubos. as well as Garrett McNamara charging some bombs at Praia do Norte in Nazare.

Colors Of Winter from Max Larsson on Vimeo.

Garrett McNamara is a crazy Hawaiian big wave surfer who travels the world in search of big waves. He put Nazare on the map in November 2012 when he rode the biggest wave ever ridden outside the small portuguese fishing town. News about his monster wave traveled fast and major news channel such as CNN and BBC, who normally don’t cover the sport, were spreading it to a whole new audience. This has resulted in a large numbers of spectators showing up every time it is big enough. Normally big waves break far from the beach which makes it difficult for spectators to see the action from land. Nazare, however, has been blessed with a deep water channel that reaches all the way to the shore. This results in up to 30 meter waves breaking very close to the cliff. Even if you have never surfed before this is an experience that you will never forget. We keep track of these big swells  for you so check our Facebook page and when the swell hits, book a trip to the lodge and experience it first hand. You find our packages and prices Here!

The Size of Nazare and the power of supertubos

Reggie would go 2014

Yesterday the swedish surf community wrote history. The forecast was saying huge waves and there was a hand ful of surfers battling it out in the near freezing water. The most difficult part when surfing Torö is actually getting out to the waves. When a 6 meter swell with a 9 second wave period hits Torö you are constantly beaten up by waves and when you think you have made it out in the lineup the motivation killer set comes and washes away all your hopes of riding a wave.

This day proved too difficult for the majority of the contestants and only three people made it out in the lineup.

One of them was Joel den Besten, an Australian expat who moved to Sweden a few years ago. He absolutely lit up Torö and made it look like sunset beach with powerful open face turns.

However, the biggest wave was ridden by Emanuel Haglund, a Torö local and true charger. Congratulations Emanuel. You win one weeks stay at

World cup of surfing in Peniche 2015

So it is decided that Peniche will be a stop in the world cup of surfing again. In october the top surfers of the world will battle it out in powerful tubes. This stop is considered one of the best of the year. It is very audience friendly with large tubes breaking very close to the shore.

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