Plastic pollution is a huge problem in our world. As citizens of the world we all need to see what little things we can do to reduce plastic waste. This turtle was found with a plastic straw stuck in his nose. Is it really worth drinking your drink with a plastic straw. At surfers lodge we have just purchased reusable environmentally friendly straws to try to avoid these devastating effects. If we all do small changes like this we can make a difference.

The sun is out and the waves are rolling in. We are very happy to see Peniche come to life again after its winter hibernation.

Spring is a very special time here. The waves are great and crowds are low. Come and share the waves with us!

Live music by Sarah Calvert for Easter

Sarah Calvert is back at the lodge for three performances this Easter! Last fall she mezemrised our guests with her soothing voice and guitar. She will play in our restaurant Friday, Saturday and Sunday after dinner. She starts around 10 pm. Don’t miss out.

Calvert’s music is ambient and experimental pop jazz with a cool Nordic sound, in all the right ways. With great band and with inspiration from artists such as Lykke Li, James Blake and Hanne Kolstø they create a diverse and dynamic sound with the perfect mix of organic and electronic elements. With direct and honest lyrics songwriter Sarah Calvert depict a dedicated view of situations and emotions, which most people can relate to. Last fall she released her debut album “could have been me”. She has a few copies with her for sale so make sure to get yourself a copy

instagram: @calvertmusic



Giving your child the opportunity to learn how to surf will be a life-long gift. Kids learn more quickly than adults, and with natural excitement and curiosity, they will soon gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy the waves.  Many of our surf instructors are specialised in teaching kids and are able to provide a safe and fun environment with plenty of individual attention.

Don’t hesitate to book a family trip with us this spring. Check our prices and packages here

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