Learning to surf might be the most difficult task you will ever try in life but it could also be the most rewarding.  The feeling of gliding smoothly across the water for the first time is a very special feeling. Feel the energy of the wave under your feet and can’t help to put a large smile on your face. This feeling is what makes surfers return day after day in the water. Some even make it their spiritual practise and develop an addiction to it. The little fishing town Peniche, one hour north of Lisbon, in Portugal happens to have ideal contidions for learning to surf all year round. The forgiving beach breaks have taught countless people to surf throughout the year.

Surfers Lodge Peniche delivers high end accommodation, well cooked food and an authentic environment which will ensure you a great holiday. Choose between luxurious suites, comfortable double rooms or twin rooms. If your budget is tighter we suggest our dormitory where you sleep 6 people in each room. The beds are designed as booths in order to give you the privacy you need. Both dormitories have their own toilet and shower so there will be no long lines to have a shower.

Learn to surf with our Surf School teaches you the basic knowledge both in and out of the water. The teachers have many years of  experience in the art of wave riding. No matter how good you are we specialise the class to meet your requirements. If you are a complete beginner we suggest you take one of our week long courses. This will ensure  you to get enough basic knowledge in order to safely practice alone. one week packages include theory about waves, currents, boards and general behaviour in the water, video analysis of your surfing, practise in and out of the water. It also includes a skate board lesson and some basic stretching to help your body to adjust. After each week course you will get a written review and what you have learned and what you need to practise on. Yoga is a great way to improve mobility. Our qualified yoga instructor offers three lessons per week. We highly recommend this in order to get the most out of your surfing. If this is not enough you can  choose between a number of different massages. This is great for the end of the stay when you muscles are sore and your body needs a bit of a rest.

The Restaurant  focuses on honest food where most of our products are locally produced and cooked to perfection. There are generous dishes to fill your appetite after a long day out in the water. Try our tuna as a starter and then go for the sirloin steak. Portugal is an excellent producer of great wines. We have traveled the country to select the best wines available. A large part of our wines are organic and made with a lot of love.

Our Packages and Prices are designed to suit each ones needs. Choose between Bed & Breakfast or half board, with our without surf. You can also add massage or yoga.

See you soon!

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