5 Reasons You Should Learn to Surf

1. Fitness- 

The stereotype of the hot surfer does have some truth to it.  Surfing is absolutely a great work out. From paddling to pop-up to riding waves, surfing works your upper body, core, lower back, and hips, and builds stamina.  Duck diving and hold-downs build greater lung capacity.  After surf, food tastes better, you’ll sleep better, and that post surf chill-out will take you to new levels of relaxation. As you progress in your surfing, the desire to improve will grow.  This can motivate you to make healthier life choices and dedicate more time to your overall fitness.


2. Travel- 

For some travel is the only way to score waves; for others its just part of the unending search for more perfect conditions.  Surf travel can take you to a tropical paradise like Fiji or to the icy waters of Norway.  Inevitably you will explore new places and learn about new cultures as you immerse yourself in new line-ups, opening yourself to an expanded understanding of the world. Peniche, Portugal is one of the best places to find good waves in Europe, with stunning natural coastline and a warm local culture.

surf travel

3. Respect for Nature- 

Surfing builds a strong connection to your natural surroundings.  Surfers have a keen awareness of winds, tides, and weather, because being in tune with the ebb and flow of the earth makes it possible to find the best waves.  Simply spending so much time immersed in nature can create a newfound respect for the environment. It’s no surprise that many surfers are also environmentalists, actively working to preserve coastlines and clean up the oceans.

point break


4. Confidence- 

Surfing is not an easy sport to learn: You often have to overcome fear and even physical pain to reach your goals, while spending lots of uncomfortable hours in wetsuits and cold water.  But when at last you do succeed, the adrenaline of success will be proportionate to the difficulty of the task. The confidence you build as you learn to surf is made of hard work and persistence, which no doubt will carry over to all areas of life.

learn to surf

5. Fun- 

In spite of what is written above, surfing is actually FUN! The feeling of catching a wave is pure fun, like being a little kid on Christmas.  When you experience this feeling, you’ll be left wanting more, and soon you’ll be hooked!