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Giving your child the opportunity to learn how to surf will be a life-long gift. Kids learn more quickly than adults, and with natural excitement and curiosity, they will soon gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy the waves.  Many of our surf instructors are specialised in teaching kids and are able to provide a safe and fun environment with plenty of individual attention.

Don’t hesitate to book a family trip with us this spring. Check our prices and packages here

Cloud waves

Sometimes nature has a funny way of mirroring itself. This time lap of clouds looks just like waves in the ocean!

Surf + Yoga = <3

Surfing tweaks your body in some unnatural ways. Staying flexible and taking care of your joints helps to improve your surfing and prevent injuries. Yoga is excellent for this.

Our Yoga teacher is Carlos Franco. He has many years of experience and will help you to get fit for surfing.

Our Yoga teacher Carlos Franco

Classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the afternoon starting on the 10th of March. The price is 9€ per class. If the weather is good we are on our terrace, and if not, we are in our multifunction room. To book a yoga class email us or call us on +351 262 700 030! Namaste!

Terrace Surfers Lodge Peniche

Our Terrace

Our multi function room

3 reasons to choose Peniche in March

Winter is coming to an end in northern Europe and millions of surfers are looking to get some sun and waves. What many people don’t know is that you do not have to go far to get this. Peniche is a perfect destination in March and here is why.

1. The waves

Since Peniche is located on a peninsula you can find nice, offshore conditions any time of the year. If the wind is from the north you surf south of the peninsula and if the win is north you surf the northern beaches. No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced surfer you will always find your wave here!

2. Spring is here!

In March you can see some warm days with lots of sun. When driving to Peniche you can see that the flowers have started to bloom and the scenery is already green.

3. Affordable

Low season has its perks and one of them are lower prices on not only accommodation and surf lessons, but also plane tickets. Check our prices out and book your spring holiday now!

See you soon!

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